Covid-19 Update 4: St. Charles Soccer

To: All soccer players and their families

The St. Charles Soccer Association has recently received the “Return to Play” guidelines as set out by the Canadian Soccer Association, Sport Manitoba and the Manitoba Soccer Association for our teams to get back on the field and back to practice.

The SCSA assures you that we will make sure that all the guidelines are followed for the safety of the all the players, coaches and all other members of the district. Some are asking about registration fees.

We are still looking at several “unknowns” at the moment, including the length of the season and how many games it will entail. Once these unknowns are settled, then we can possibly adjust the registration fee depending on how those certain factors resolve.

The “Return to Soccer” will start on June 17, at which time all participants will have to be registered with the SCSA clubs to be covered by the MSA insurances. Most of you already are, and are fully paid.

At this point, despite the additional expenses imposed by the COVID-19 response, the SCSA is committed to there being no fee increase for this season. Further, if reduced expenditures in other areas warrant, there may be a partial refund of fees already paid.

Should there be an unforeseen development this summer that does not allow the season to start, the SCSA is committed to refunding fees paid, less only those sums that will have been incurred in preparation for the season — to a maximum hold-back of just $50. (The expenses involve MSA insurance, field preparation, coach screening and such.)

This is our commitment to you, the families. In return, we are hoping that you are eager and willing to participate in the “beautiful game” through the summer.

As many of you with older children in the program are well aware, the SCSA has been committed to keeping costs low for the past few years, and we assure you that we are equally committed to continuing this effort this year and into the future.

Here’s to an enjoyable summer of soccer after what has been a tough spring. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please reach out to your community club convener. We are all here to help get the players enjoying soccer again — as soon as possible.

Allan Gibbens, President

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