Orioles Site

Where to find the Orioles Site

448 Burnell Street
Winnipeg, MB R3G 2B4
Phone: 204-783-6941
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Orioles Site

The Orioles Site is one of theĀ oldest community club sites in Winnipeg, with its doors first opening in 1948.

Like the other sites of Valour Community Centre, Orioles is dedicated to the community by working with and for the people in its catchment area.

The Orioles Site has recently updated flooring, which has given the facility a new bright look and feel.


Between 1934 and 1946 a hockey club known as the West End Orioles Athletic Association was operating four hockey teams, on property north of Canada Bread Co. This property was sold to Valour Road Legion in 1946 and the hockey club was told they must move. The City decided to keep the West End Orioles in operation, and moved the operation to a site south of Hignell Printing. They supplied two hockey buildings and erected boards.

After operating for two years (1948), Mr. Al Crockett, President of West End Orioles Ahtletic Association, was advised by the City Recreation Department, that his operation could not continue as a hockey club only, and must branch out, recognize and become a community club. At a later date the name was changed to Orioles Community Centre Ltd.

Twelve members of an organizing committee set up to investigate possibilities of forming a community club in the West End of Winnipeg. The proposed club would be open to residents of an area bounded by Sherbrook and Wall Streets and Wellington and Portage Avenues.

A second meeting was held. The meeting decided an executive should be elected and the first president of the Orioles Community Club put into office. Mr. Cecil Pratt was elected. The executive then decided they could not operate without money so a dance was organized to be held Halloween Night, 1948 at Minto Armouries.

The executive then decided to obtain a building and the present building (an “H” hut) which now faces Burnell Street, was purchased from Billinkoff’s Ltd. Negotiations with the City were started to move this building to the Greenway School rink site and put a basement under it. In 1950 another building was purchased from War Assets and was moved at a nominal fee, and again the City was requested to put a foundation under this building and they granted this request. in 1963 the south end of the Burnell Street building was extended and the lounge was built.

In later years (1971-1972) another hockey rink south of Hignell Printing was put into the operation and the playground building winterized. Hard-top was put in the South Rink and an area south of the buildings, this area is used for tennis, volleyball, basketball and parking during the summer.


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