Policies & Guidelines

***You can download a PDF here***

**Revised Summer 2021, approved at the October 24th, 2021 AGM**





To provide guidance and direction when accepting registrations and fees for specified programs and sports.


1.1 Valour Community Centre and its Directors may accept responsibility for collecting registrations and fees on behalf of a program or sport it hosts or facilitates.  

1.2 At the time of registration, forms and applicable fees shall be submitted by registrants to be collected by the Centre, the specific Sports Director or their delegate. 

  1. Required registration forms will be made available by the program either at the time of registration, online or by other appropriate means and must be completed in full.
  2. Fees collected will include all applicable membership fees, uniform deposits and/or volunteer bonds

1.3 Full payment at the time of registration is the responsibility of the participant and must be provided prior to start of the program or sport in order to participate in activities.

  1. Membership and registration shall not be accepted if not paid in full, unless:
    1. Payment arrangements are proposed by the registrant and accepted with approval of the the Board or Manager.
    2. The appropriate forms for financial assistance are requested and completed in full accompanied by any required documentation (ie: Notice of Assessments for all Parents/Guardians).
      • Please note: should the applicant be unsuccessful after submitting for financial assistance, and the activity has begun, fees become immediately due in full.



The Centre is responsible for providing Members and employees with a Respectful Environment free from discrimination, harassment, disruptive conflict, and violence. This includes but is not limited to: Sexual harassment or discrimination based on ancestry, race or ethnic or national origin, colour, religion, age, sex, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, and sexual orientation.

Everyone has the responsibility for maintaining a Respectful Environment. Use discretion and recognize the sensitivities of others regardless of a person’s status at the Centre: employee, volunteer, family member, friend, or any other patron. 


The Valour Community Centre Inc. is committed to providing an environment safe from threats and violence for all Members. It is expected all Members, patrons, volunteers, and employees will comply with this Respectful Environment.


Although disrespectful behaviour, conflict, and harassment can be defined, in practice they can overlap. The following conduct illustrates the different types of concerns which may arise:

Disrespectful Behaviour is improper behaviour which is unwelcome and inappropriate. It may happen once or continue over time. It can include:

  • Rude comments and swearing as well as spreading unfounded or misinformed rumors which damage peoples’ reputations.
  • Actions which invade privacy or personal property or unwelcome gestures. 
  • Displays or distribution of printed or electronic material which offends. 

Disruptive Conflict is defined as an ongoing dispute or a communication breakdown between two or more individuals which impacts their ability to work or participate productively and cooperatively in the Centre.

Harassment or discrimination is any behavior which demeans, humiliates, or embarrasses a person, and which a respectful person should have known would be unwelcome. It may be a single incident or continue over time. It includes:

  • Verbal abuse
  • Actions such as touching or pushing
  • Comments such as jokes and name calling 
  • Displays such as posters and cartoons 
  • Abuses of power such as threats or coercion

There shall be no discrimination or harassment as defined by the Manitoba Human Rights Code which includes the following characteristics: ancestry, race, ethnic or national origin, political belief, religion, family status, sexual orientation, source of income, and physical or mental disability. 

Violence is defined as a threat which may include but is not limited to any act, gesture, or statement which may be interpreted as threatening or potentially violent. A violent act is one which causes or may cause physical harm to persons or damage to property. 


Step 1: Resolving the Problem on Your Own 

The person who objects to the unwelcome behaviour is encouraged to approach the other party directly and ask that the behaviour to stop. If it does not stop the person who objects proceeds to Step 2.

Step 2: Problem Solving with the Centre’s Assistance 

The person who objects to the unwelcome behaviour should discuss the matter with the President of the Centre or designate. The President will discuss the issues with the individuals and attempt to resolve the matter. This step provides an opportunity to resolve issues without formal documentation. If the matter cannot be resolved, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Board of Directors’ Investigation & Disciplinary Action

The Board of Directors or designate will assess the circumstances surrounding the situation by obtaining information from the parties involved. It is the responsibility of the Board to obtain facts about the occurrence so it can respond to the allegation and take corrective action. In accordance with policies and the Manitoba Human Rights Code, the Board bears the responsibility of ensuring there is no violation of the principles of a Respectful Environment. Any Member who is found to engage in such acts and in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the Board.  

Disciplinary Action may include, but is not limited to, suspension or termination of the individual(s) eligibility to participate in Centre activities and/or referral to an outside agency for further review (ie: Police).  

Zero Tolerance for Violent Acts: 

Valour Community Centre and its Board of Directors, Employees and Volunteers are advised to immediately report all cases of violent acts that are immediately threatening to any person or facility’s well-being to local Police through their emergency line (911).