Strategic Planning

Valour Community Centre Strategic Plan

Valour Community Centre is a community centre comprised of three unique facilities, each in a different neighbourhood of Winnipeg’s West End:

    • The Orioles site in the St. Matthews neighbourhood
    • The Clifton site in the Sargent Park neighbourhood, and
  • The Isaac Brock site in the Minto neighbourhood

The community centre is operated by a general manager and governed by a volunteer board comprising of executive members and various other strategic positions.

In late 2014, the board began a strategic planning process to create a vision statement, a mission statement, and major goal areas to accomplish over the next five years. The board brought in an external consultant, Kevin Freedman, and undertook several steps, which included resident surveys, a public engagement workshop, and two board workshops. The intent of the strategic plan is to provide detailed direction in key areas to improve Valour Community Centre for its users, staff and volunteers, and for the broader community.


Valour Community Centre aspires to be a community hub with something fun for everyone

Mission Statement

Valour Community Centre’s mission is to serve the whole community by providing inclusive programming and accessible facilities in a safe environment

Valour Community Centre’s Five Big Goals

  1. We will utilize infrastructure to maximize its potential
    • Ensure constant and efficient use of facilities
    • Evaluate space usage (including storage, grounds, rooms etc.)
    • Identify expansion opportunities and needs and evaluate for efficiency
    • Reach out to more people in the community to increase usage
  • Expand activities and programming

2. We will achieve and maintain financial stability

    • Fundraise: identify potential donors / sponsors / partners
    • Create a list of quick revenue generators for in case of emergency
    • Conduct effective budgeting and strive for effective cost control
  • Secure ongoing grants from funders and explore infrequent funding opportunities

3. We will see universal community use of Valour CC Facilities

    • Reach out to the community more effectively
    • Expand activities put on by Valour
    • Identify the needs and desires of the community and specific groups within the neighbourhood
    • Increase diversity on the Board and within the volunteer base
  • Try to understand why people do not currently use Valour, or only use it rarely

4. We will reach everyone with our message

    • Utilize multiple media / means to reach the community
    • Utilize different languages in marketing, use inclusive (plain) English, use pictures effectively
    • Have a higher frequency of newsletters going out to the community
    • Be aware of context, be context sensitive in communications
    • Be more open and transparent as an organization and as a Board
    • Increase Board diversity
    • Ensure that staff and volunteers are on the same page with messaging and are informed
  • Come up with a communication strategy and communication policies and procedures

5. We will attract and retain the volunteers needed to support our programming

    • Create a volunteer recruitment strategy, use incentives
    • Be honest with prospective volunteers about organizational needs and the commitment for specific volunteer roles
    • Create a volunteer in lieu of payment scheme
    • Create a volunteer reward program (long service awards, thank yous etc)
    • Target younger volunteers such as high school students needing hours for credits
    • Identify specific activities that could attract more volunteers
  • Create and maintain a volunteer database