Spring 2020 Newsletter Contest Winner!

Remember that newsletter contest that we held in our Spring 2020 newsletter where the winner was supposed to be announced March 31st but that was a little over a week before practically all of Manitoba shut down because of Covid-19?? Well… now that we have been reopened for almost a month and we have most (read some) of our ducks in a row, we would like to announce our winner!

Congratulations Nomica Fultenhine! You have won a $250 GC to Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park! One of our Board members will reach out to you through Facebook messenger so make sure you check your “Other” folder!

Thank you to all our readers! Unfortunately, we were not able to publish a Fall 2020 issue of our newsletter due to the pandemic and it is still uncertain if we will be able to pull off a Spring 2021 issue. We will continue to do our best to serve our community and keep the communication open as best we can. Any suggestions to what we can do are greatly welcome!

Stay safe and healthy neighbours!

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