“Challenger Baseball” is the completely inclusive, rewarding, and outcome-based baseball division that provides the opportunity to empower children, youth and adults with cognitive or physical disabilities while enjoying all the benefits of the fun sport of baseball.  Players play “IN A LEAGUE, ON A TEAM, IN A UNIFORM” and do so at their own pace and ability while having FUN!

Challenger Baseball is played in a safe, recreational environment where EVERYONE’S A WINNER!!! Each player is registered in a conventional Baseball Manitoba local sanctioned league and are assigned a team, have a coach, be outfitted in a uniform and use the same equipment as typical baseball (with modifications or adaptations based on the player’s individual abilities)!!  Rather than concentrate on competition or standardized skill achievements, players and their coaches are encouraged to set personal goals for the season and we recognize their accomplishments!  Players have the opportunity to be paired with an able-bodied “Buddy” who are “mentors” and support the player’s involvement in the game, assisting where necessary while encouraging independence where appropriate!

 Of course, just as in any other division, our season is full of special events planned specifically to make sure that smiles are plentiful and FREE for both players and their families! EVERYONE JUST HAS FUN, isn’t that what baseball is supposed to be about?

Players in the Valour Community Centre Catchment currently have the choice to play in any of our divisions on Saturdays at 10:00am or virtually,  (if enough players register from the area, and we can find a coach, we will book a local field).

For more information, including how to register, please visit