New Health Orders May 2021

In light of the newly announced Public Health orders that go into effect Sunday, May 9th, 2021, GCWCC is recommending that community centres close again. Until further notice, the school recreation program at the Isaac Brock site will remain operational, otherwise all our sites, Isaac, Orioles and Clifton will be closed to the public. Details on basketball and baseball are later on in this post. Mini soccer will be cancelled with details on that to follow in the next few days. Bike Cage at Orioles will be closed until further notice.

Please be advised that with the warmer weather means more people will most likely be using our fields, playgrounds and other outdoor facilities. While we encourage families to enjoy the outdoors, Valour Community Centre is not responsible for ensuring the public health orders are being followed while our buildings are closed. Please follow all social distancing protocols and public health regulations while utilizing our outdoor facilities.

Our hearts go out to all of the kids and families who were looking forward to the recreational entertainment that sports bring. In the mean time, we wish you good health and safety as we navigate the next few weeks. We hope to see you again soon.

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