Voting in the Board of Directors

As part of our Annual General Meeting (AGM), we vote in our Board of Directors. Any people interested in holding a position on the board are encouraged to come down to the AGM on Sunday, May 7th at the Orioles site on Burnell. Positions being voted on are as follows:

  • President
  • VP of HR & Administration
  • VP Facilities / Grounds
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Social Activities
  • Communications
  • Soccer Convener
  • Basketball Convener
  • Mini Soccer Convener
  • Football Convener
  • Boxing Convener
  • Members at Large

The positions of Hockey Convener, Lacrosse Convener, Volleyball Convener and Baseball Convener are positions not listed that have been vacant for many years that we would love to have available again. Try your hand at convening a sport for our local kids! It’s a very rewarding experience!

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