In-house Newsletter Advertising

We are working on some exciting projects at Valour Community Centre and one of them is an in-house community newsletter! Our goal is to expand on our existing newsletter and have it out at a more convenient time relative to our programming. We are hoping to reach all of our catchment as well as bring articles and contests to the content of our newsletter. In order to do this, we need your help:¬†we need advertisers! We are hoping to publish and distribute this year’s first newsletter sometime in March 2018. If you have a small business, are an independent consultant, have another reason to advertise or know someone who is looking for advertising, think about advertising through us! We have around 10,000 residential addresses within our catchment that we are hoping to get our newsletter distributed to!
Here are our prices:

  • A quarter page – $370
  • An eighth page – $210
  • A sixteenth page – $175
  • A thirty-second page – $140

ADtemplate2-page-001 ADtemplate-page-001

If you are interested in advertising in our newsletter or have any questions, please feel free to contact Sindy through email We are hoping to have ads sorted out by the end of February/beginning of March. Thank you in advance!

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