Consider Volunteering with Us


Community centres rely on dedicated volunteer board members and program volunteers to operate the many activities that are offered to the community through our centres. Without these volunteers, it would be impossible to run the many programs we currently offer to our community! We could always use more help! Currently, we are looking for volunteers to fill our vacant positions on our board of directors and people to help out at sporting events under one of our existing conveners, with family fun nights and our annual carnival that we co-host with Isaac Brock School’s Parent Council.

We are also seeking people to work under our Social Director on separate committees to help in areas such as our annual “Little Bit of Everything Sale”, our fundraising Social and various other events we are currently running or hope to start! These volunteers would NOT be required to attend regular board meetings or any extra obligations, only to maintain contact with our social director and work with him/her in the area at which one had volunteered. We are looking for someone who would like to run a Family Fun Night at our Orioles site and help take over the one at our Isaac site. We are hoping to start Teen Dances out of our Clifton site, but again, need volunteers in order to do this.

If one of the above opportunities does not quite suit your fancy, we are in the planning phases of trying to offer the community other programs asides from sports! Do you possess a skill that you’d like to pass on knowledge to others? Or maybe get together with others of the same skill set and gather routinely as a club? We can provide the space, if you can provide the talent! Programs we would like to offer the community include, but are not limited to, club groups such as a book club or chess club, crafting classes like beadwork or moccasin making, and cooking classes teaching community members how to make an ethnic food dish such as perogies, spring rolls or bannock. Of course, all of the activities mentioned are just examples but ideas we feel would benefit our community! If you have an idea for a program and the will to teach others, we’d like to hear about it!

We are requesting that anyone who would like to volunteer with our programs and community centres to please come down to our AGM on April 29th to find out more and talk with some of our other volunteers. You will learn that volunteering with your community centre can be quite the rewarding experience.

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