Lunch Program

We offer a lunch program at our Isaac Brock site that runs from September-June. The cost is $2.00/day and children bring their lunches. You will be billed monthly for this program. Usually bills are sent home with your child.

A staff member picks up the nursery/kindergarten children at 11:30 and brings them to the program. We also take the nursery/kindergarten children to school for 1:00p.m. If your child arrives by bus a staff member can meet the bus; just let us know when and where the bus stops. Children in grade 1 or older walk across the field to the centre on their own. If you let your child’s teacher know they are in the lunch program, the teacher will usually try to send him/her with the other children going there.

Although there is not time to actually cook food, we are happy to heat up your child’s lunch should you want them to eat a hot meal. Items that do not work well for lunch would be Mr. Noodles, instant noodles, Michelina’s frozen dinners, or anything that takes a long time to make. The children have a very limited time to eat their lunch so a quick heat-up is appreciated.

Some suggestions for tasty, healthy lunches would be:

-sandwiches on whole wheat bread(meat, cheese, etc…)

-pita bread with various fillings(hummous, veggies, cream cheese, cheese, etc…)

-left-overs from the day before make an easy lunch

-cut-up veggies or fruit with or without dip

-cheese and crackers, cut-up pickles, cut-up meat

-yoghurt with or without fruit


Please DO NOT send seafood, fish or nut products as we have children with LIFE-THREATENING ALLERGIES.

To register your child come down to our Isaac Brock site and fill out a form.

For further information please call 775-3869.

Covid-19 Update: Our Community Centre

As the developments of the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact our communities, we would like to take this opportunity to share with you our plan for our COVID-19 response.  In an effort to help keep our community healthy, Valour Community Centre will closing all three of our sites (Isaac Brock, Clifton and Orioles) until further notice as of Friday, March 20th, 2020. All programming and sports will be suspended until further notice.  The Orioles After School Program and Isaac Brock’s … Continue reading

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Covid-19 Update: IB School Rec. Program

Parents/guardians please pickup tax reciepts by Friday March 20th, 2020. Thank you.

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