Calling All Prospective Advertisers!

We would like to let you know of a project we are currently working on at Valour Community Centre. We are producing our first in-house community news letter; a project we are very excited for and extremely hopeful about its success! And this is where we need your help! We are seeking people and businesses within our catchment -or even beyond- who are willing to purchase ad spaces within our newsletter.

Some background information:
At one point in time, we did contract out the production of a newsletter, but decided it was time to take things into our own hands. We are working at offering smaller ad spots in our newsletter presenting the opportunity for small businesses and independent consultants in our area to access affordable advertising, while still maintaining larger spots for our regular advertisers. Numbers were crunched and we discovered that it is very possible for us to produce a larger newsletter and distribute it to everyone in our catchment! This is huge as we’re sure you know, given the size of VCC’s catchment area -that’s over 9,000 residential addresses! Our newsletter, as well as your ad would reach all of those people!

The details:
We are offering 3 different sizes of ads in either B&W or colour. Sizing and pricing are as follows:
-Large: 7” x 2” OR 3.5” x 4” (This size would be the equivalent of 2 business cards.)
-Colour: $360.00
-B&W: $220.00

-Medium: 3.5” x 2” OR 2” x 3.5” (This size would be the equivalent of a business card.)
-Colour: $200.00
-B&W: $120.00

-Small: 1.75” x 2” OR 2” x 1.75” (This size would be the equivalent of 1/2 a business card.)
-Colour: $160.00
-B&W: $96.00

Remember: this newsletter would be reaching over 9,000 homes in our catchment!

These prices are for this issue only. We would be preparing a newsletter for distribution in September and would be reaching out for advertisers at that time. All of our advertiser’s ads would also be placed on the Sponsors page of our website, until we put out our next issue, so the beginning of September. If you are interested in placing your ad in this issue of our newsletter, please let us know at your earliest convenience along with the type and size of the ad. Please feel free to email Sindy at for further information on deadlines.

Our vision for this project is to start off producing a newsletter twice yearly during our more peak seasons to offer more up to date information with the end goal being to attract more community involvement in our programming and increase usage of our facilities. We hope to expand to printing quarterly and include content such as articles related to our community, contests for our kids which could include publishing winners of art or writing contests, and surveys or ads to expand our programming. Once we get a newsletter well established, we would be able to offer more options for advertising contracts.

We hope you will consider supporting this project and your community! 

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