Anti-Racism Toolkit for Kids from the City of Winnipeg

Recreation Services, with support from Equitas – International Centre for Human Rights Education, has developed a child-friendly toolkit which includes a variety of activities geared towards children aged 6-12 years old.  The kit is designed to complement the work that community groups and educators may already be doing, but the activities can also be introduced at home.  All activities are participatory, and explore Anti-Racism and Inclusion themes.  

Children will have the opportunity to participate in a design challenge where they can develop their own art work and Anti-Racism challenges, which will later be developed into a set of Anti-Racism cards.  The final cards can then be used as a tool or activity to enhance program curriculums, and continue to build on children’s knowledge, and take-action in support of others.  All participant groups, will receive a set of the final cards. 

Participants are encouraged to take part in some of the activities presented, and submit their art work by April 16th.  The toolkit is printable, and is attached for your convenience.  If you would like
the French version of the Toolkit, please let us know.   

Download the toolkit by clicking HERE.

In the event that you do not have any children’s programs or services operating at this time or by April 16th, (due and Provincial Health Orders or otherwise), please feel free to share with any individual households your centre networks with directly, that you think may be interested.  

More details regarding artwork submissions (where, how, and deadlines) are contained within the toolkit itself.   

You can also go to the City of Winnipeg Anti-Racism website to find out more about Anti-Racism week.

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